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Tobias Beier joins our staff team

We are thrilled to announce that Tobias Beier has signed a staff contract with us.

The 22 year old from Berlin, Germany is the newest addition to our team. He has been a part of Team Germany since 2010 and was crowned as German Champion in 2017.

He was on Team Germany in World Youth Championship 2016 in Lincoln, USA and since he won the national title in 2017 he was the athlete representing Germany in European Champions Cup in Vienna, Austria.

In May last year he signed for Track and joined #TeamEBI.


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Single Champion 2017
Single Youth Champion 2017 & 2018
Double Youth Champion 2016 & 2017
Mixed Youth Champion

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World Youth Championship 2016
European Champions Cup 2017
Made the cut in European Bowling Tour 4 times


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-I want to become one of the best bowlers in Europe, he says. The dream is to compete in PBA, but first I need more experience in the European Bowling Tour EBT, he continues.
-You can most likely see me play the EBT tournament in Tilburg first weekend of March and of course the Eurochallenge in Munich.

Tobias is the second staff player we add to our team this autumn. Before Christmas we will announce a new one.
Some hints to who it can be:
-Has the same first name as one of the members of Boyzone.
-He/she is surrounded with a lot of windmills, tulips and bicycles.



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