Frequently Asked Questions

100% quality polyester. The collar is standing up with a 1/4 zipper. We provide 1 year warranty and we replace your zipper for free for life.

All the artwork and design is done in house in the UK, manufacturing is done in the EU.

We strive to ship your order within 21 days. Most orders are shipped much quicker than 21 days.

You get a email from us the day your order is shipped. If you paid for tracking you get a separate email with tracking info.

It’s difficult to say. Shipment to the UK shouldn’t take more than 2 working days, Europe 5 working days and outside of Europe 8 working days. It also depends on what shipping company we have used and how difficult your border customs are.

Contact us if your order haven’t arrived by the time table we described above in “How long does the shipping take?”. We will investigate it for you.

We don’t give refunds. If our designer have rejected a logo that means neither you or we have the permission to use it. This is listed in our Terms & Conditions. If you mean our designer is wrong you are welcome to contact us or ask the designer to include the Director in the conversation.

That’s unfortunate. Take photos of the damage and send us as soon as possible. We will easily see if it’s a mistake by us or if the mailman have had a bad day, so we know who takes the bill for your replacement.

We accept credit cards from VISA, MasterCard & American Express. For the US and Canada customers we accept PayPal as well.

If you somehow can’t pay with either of the above solutions we offer to send out a invoice. The invoice has a payment link where you can pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay & Google Pay. Be aware your order will not be processed before the payment is done.

No problems. Order the original, select “Rebrand”. Add colours you want to change in the comment at the checkout. We will send you a mockup before processing. Free of charge!

We have a program made for proshops. Have a look and contact us for your needs.

Please leave a application for us that stands out. We can do a lot for you but what can you do for us?


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