We have 4 different shipping options, depending on the total weight.
For orders under 2 kg (4,4lbs) we normally use Royal Mail and DPD for orders over 2 kg.

Extra services like tracking will be added in short time.

United Kingdom

Equals toWeightPrice
1st Class small1 jersey<200g (0.44lbs)£2.50
1st Class medium2-4 jerseys201g – 800g (1.76lbs)£4.50
1st Class large5-9 jerseys801g – 1.8kg (3.97lbs)£6.50
Parcel10+ jerseys1.801kg – 5kg£9.90


Equals toWeightPrice / EURO*
EU small1-2 jerseys<400g (0.88lbs)£6.90 / €7.90
EU medium3-4 jerseys401g – 800g (1.76lbs)£9.90 / €11.40
EU large5-9 jerseys801g – 1.8kg (3.97lbs)£12.90 / €14.80
EU Parcel10+ jerseys1.801kg – 5kg£19.90 / €22.90


Equals toWeightPrice / USD* / AUD*
Int. small1-2 jerseys<400g (0.88lbs)£9.90 / $12.70 / $18.40
Int. medium3-4 jerseys401g – 800g (1.76lbs)£14.50 / €18.60 / $27.00
Int. large5-9 jerseys801g – 1.8kg (3.97lbs)£18.90 / €24.20 / $35.10
Int. Parcel10+ jerseys1.801kg – 5kgContact us

Read the Terms for your rights about shipped packages.
Any questions about the shipping just contact us!

*Approximately. Based on the currencies 22 May 2019. The live rate will be shown in your cart.


We go public with 2 weeks turnaround.
It depends on several factors.

How busy we are
In the summer months we are contacted by many teams and clubs. A order of 70 jerseys will have a turnaround of approx. 3 weeks.
This means your order can take longer time than expected.

We’ve experienced customers who has received their package after 5 days but some few have also experienced more than 2 weeks. It all depends on the postal service and we won’t be responsible for any items arriving later than expected.

We have to note that the turnaround clock starts the day you approve your design.

Ask us about the expected turnaround for your order. Send us a message on Facebook or email. The only time we don’t answer is during the night – You’ll then get a reply in the morning (Europe time).