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At Mint Sportswear we know that a fast delivery service is what everyone wants. We are in regular contact with our couriers to keep up to date with the current shipping times so we can give you accurate arrival dates. We have divided the World into 3 zones for shipping. Choose your zone below to see the shipping prices.

 Equals toWeightGBP
1st Class small1 jersey<200g (0.44lbs)£2.50
1st Class medium2-3 jerseys201g – 600g (<1.4lbs)£4.50
1st Class large4-5 jerseys601g – 1.0kg (<2.2lbs)£5.40
Parcel6-9 jerseys1.001kg – 1.8kg (<4lbs)£9.90
Tracking  +£5.00


 Equals toWeightGBP / Euro*
EU small1 jersey>200g (0.44lbs)£6.90 / €7.70
EU medium2-3 jerseys201g – 600g (1.4lbs)£9.90 / €11.10
EU large4-5 jerseys601g – 1.0kg (2.2lbs)£12.90 / €14.50
EU Parcel6-9 jerseys1.001kg – 1.8kg (<4lbs)£14.90 / €16.60
Tracking  +£5.00 / €5.60


 Equals toWeightPrice / USD* / AUD*
Int. small1 jersey<200g (<0.44lbs)£9.90 / $13.20 / $18.50
Int. medium2-3 jerseys201g – 600g (<1.4lbs)£16.90 / $22.40 / $31.00
Int. large4-5 jerseys601g – 1.0kg (2.2lbs)£19.90 / $26.40 / $36.50
Int. Parcel6-9 jerseys1.001kg – 1.8kg£27.90 / $37.00 / $51.00
Tracking  +£5.00 / $6.20 / $9.30

Prices for shipments over 1.8kg, please contact us for a personal quote.
Please read our terms and conditions for your rights regarding shipping.

Euro, USD & AUD are approximate exchanges based on rates 1st August 2020.
Live rates will be shown in your cart.

Once we have handed your order to the shipping company, the transit time is out of our hands, although we will maintain regular contact with you and the shipping company if there are any delays.



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